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Bramblestar A huge, lean, powerful, broad-shouldered, muscular, dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes, long claws, a large head, and a scar on his shoulder *OPEN*
9 Lives Left 78 Moons (6.5 years) Mate: Squirrelflight Kits: None Yet Apprentice: None Yet

Squirrelflight A small, light-framed, dark ginger she-cat with brilliant green eyes, one white paw, a torn ear tip, and a long, squirrel-like, bushy tail Spottedleap
54 Moons (4.5 years) Mate: Bramblestar Kits: None Yet Apprentice: None Yet

Jayfeather A small, silky, mottled, gray tabby tom with blind, brilliant, blue eyes, a short, slender tail, skinny shoulders, strong, lean muscles, and a scar running down one side Spottedleap
36 Moons (3 years) Crush: Half Moon (dead, ancient cat) Kits: forbidden Apprentice: None Yet, doesn't want one

Jayfeather Doesn't want one yet

Berrynose A cream-colored tom with a stump for a tail, powerful, muscular, broad shoulders, a wide head, and one ear that is torn at the tip *OPEN*
45 Moons (3.75 years) Mate: Poppyfrost Kits: Molewhisker & Cherryfall Apprentice: Amberpaw

Birchfall A light brown tabby tom with amber eyes and glossy fur *OPEN*
54 Moons (4.5 years) Mate: Whitewing Kits: Ivypool & Dovewing Apprentice: None Yet

Blossomfall A tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with petal-shaped white patches *OPEN*
24 Moons (2 years) Crush: None Yet Kits: None Yet Apprentice: None Yet

Brackenfur A long-legged, golden-brown tabby tom with a scar on his flank and amber eyes *OPEN*
89 Moons (7.4 years) Mate: Sorreltail Kits: Molekit & Cinderheart & Honeyfern & Poppyfrost & Seedpaw & Lilypaw Apprentice: Dewpaw

Briarlight A dark brown she-cat with a broken lower spine, sleek, glossy fur, and powerful forepaws Spottedleap
24 Moons (2 years) Crush: None Yet Kits: Impossible Apprentice: None Yet

Brightheart A white she-cat with ginger patches along her back, a ginger tail, blue eyes, and thick, soft fur *OPEN*
89 Moons (7.4 years) Mate: Cloudtail Kits: Whitewing & Amberpaw & Snowpaw & Dewpaw Apprentice: None Yet

Bumblestripe A well-muscled, bulky, thick-furred, very pale gray tom with black stripes like a bumblebee's, and a torn ear Spottedleap
24 Moons (2 years) Mate: Dovewing Kits: None Yet Apprentice: Snowpaw

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